Go From Thunder Rolling In The Storm to Voices Striking AS the Storm!

Voice of Thunder Women’s Summit will be held Thursday September 23rd through Saturday, September 25th. Join ten passionate women will be present to connect and engage women leaders, mothers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Women like you who are ready to break down barriers, breathe in the midst of deep healing, and bloom into the leadership role and voice that you carry in this hour.

This 3-day summit is for women, who are on the verge of breakthrough in their relationship with themselves, their family, friends, personal and work relationships. Women like you,  who are ready to remove all hidden and known barriers that are blocking their voice or presence in matters that impact families, communities, regions, states, and the nations. 

It is time to step into who you really are as a woman leader to release stress, burdens, anxieties, and anything else that impacts your joy, love, and peace. You were made to be a passionate woman, who knows how to balance her life and gain restoration from the past and present situations in a supportive environment. 

This free summit, designed to bring you through to peace and joy, will include 10 powerful speakers who have a passion to release words that will get you to run free into your new thinking and life vision. Each speaker will have an hour of engagement with you. Following every session, you will be in a small group with other women,  to reflect on the session topic.

This is a time for leaders, like you, to stand up and share what has been birthed inside of you,  to change what’s within you, to come forth for those around you.

The schedule:

Thursday, September 23rd: 6 pm – 9 pm

Friday, September 24th: 9 am-3:45 pm*

Saturday, September 25th: 9 am-3:45 pm*

The sessions will be an hour long with a 30 minute small group processing session in small groups. The processing groups may include questions or activities from the speaker related to the session content.

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Additional Special VIP OFFER:

The VIP offer is open for any women who are looking for additional time spent with the speakers during processing groups and access to a few panels following the Summit on Friday and Saturday. This is an offer that you want to get while it is available. The VIP offer is $47 for the following perks:

  1. Following each 45 minute speaker session, meet with the speaker in the 30 minute breakout room to process the sessions and/or ask questions during this time. 

2. Access to a special speaker panel from 4 pm-5 pm on Friday, September 24th.

3. Access to the after party panel on Saturday, Sept. 25th from 4 pm- 5 pm.

4. Access to all 10 speaker session recordings following the Summit.

5. Additional name in all prize drawings.

The link to register for the Summit as a VIP is available to click on here: www.amandahelman.com/vipthunder OR registration cart is below.

FREE Registration for the Voices of Thunder Women’s Online Summit ($0)