Are you ready to find your voice and get freedom and liberty in your thinking, beliefs, and identity to become the woman in leadership you are designed to be?

What Does Voice and a Run Have To Do With Your Dreams and Visions?

Are you a woman who knows you are called to leadership positions in ministry, marketplace, counseling, education, or other career paths? In your journey, there have been traumas and pain in your past that are impacting your heart, mind, soul, and spirit and relationships with yourself and others?

Are you always feelings tired or sad and do not know how to release those emotions? It may feel as if the healing journey will never end out of the darkest and deepest pain. Do you often feel fatigued do to racing thoughts and not feeling rest in your mind, sweet and beautiful woman?

You want to have freedom in your body, mind, soul, and spirit and fulfill the promises on your life. In this time, you know you are made for more and want to learn the tools and tips to get more freedom and be confidence in who you are as a woman in your field of favor. You want more peace, love, and joy and congruence in your mind.

As a professional high achieving woman, you are a go-getter by nature willing to If that’s you, every day you want to want to add value and see change around you. What is absolutely important for you is to see those changes and want to have a plan to move forward. Often, as high achievers, we may have frustration when we do not see the ‘more’ and change and shut down or go in circles. In these moments, it may be a search to seek solutions without realizing some of the mindset barriers that, with one shift, can have us speaking forth our true heart’s dream and vision. When finding your voice to put forth a plan, sometimes the very need is to do some action mapping planning. What is action mapping planning? These are tools and techniques to help you identify barriers, shift the mindset, seek solutions, and set a monthly plan to achieve your goals.

Dr. Amanda Helman specializes in education, mental health, leadership, and insight together to empower you to clarify your plan and run with it! She has over 22 years in the field of education, leadership, and mental health experiences combined in educational, institutional, community-based, and community settings. She is passionate about empowering people to find their voice and value and bring forth that value into their careers, business, corporations, communities, regions, and in nations.

The Find Your Voice…and RUN! 12 Week Complex Trauma Recovery Program with Dr. Amanda will include the following:

  • 16 sessions, 60 minutes in length, with Dr. Amanda for monthly action plan and strategy.
    • During sessions, a visual organizer of simple and complex details that surround ideas, dreams, and visions will be written on an action planning map and organizer.
    • This action mapping plan is tailored to individualized needs based on goal completion for the month
    • The action mapping planning process will also identify mindset barriers that are preventing moving ahead.
    • Emotional barriers will be identified and addressed to help shift clients into alignment with who they are and what they plan within a month.
    • A second monthly action plan will be mapped out during the last two sessions of the program. Clients will use the mapping strategies to continue to refine additional goals and mindset barriers and solutions to work towards their next goal.
  • 16-60 minute topic-driven sessions conducted one time weekly on topics about practical use of LIFE Mapping, building confidence, starting a new skills, relationship building, communication skills, vision building skills.
  • One two hour small group strategy session during Week 6 in the program.
    • One two hour small group strategy session will occur mid-way through the coaching and consultation program.
    • Further refining of action plan mapping goals and mindset barrier identification and shifting will occur within the small group setting.
    • Options include breaking out into smaller virtual breakout rooms to discuss action mapping plans and identify additional tools as a small group.
  • Find Your Voice and Run! Action Mapping Planner and journal.
    • The Find Your Voice and Run! Action Mapping Planner and journal will include visual organizers for action mapping and planning, space to reflect on achievement of goals, and space to revamp action planning maps based on weekly sessions.
    • The action planner will also include mindset barrier and solution worksheets to use during sessions and between sessions.
    • Reflection journal spaces will provide space to use the mindset and cognitive processing tools provided during coaching sessions between sessions.
    • Additional pages will provide space to write in notes from Dr. Amanda’s weekly topic discussion in the weekly topic discussion available in a private Facebook group or via virtual zoom platform.
  • Healing prayer and prophetic insight for women of faith for deeper brain integration and healing for body, mind, soul, and spirit.
  • Access to the private Facebook group that includes additional weekly tips, content, materials, and engagement.
  • 1 Year Membership of Content focused on Mental Health and Wellness via the private Facebook group and the website.
    • Additional materials, discussion, and content will be available via a private Facebook group and will also be distributed via links in an email weekly.
  • Bonus: Free webinar about the Power of Words 2.0! with Dr. Amanda as a bonus.
    • As an extra bonus, Dr. Amanda will add a mindset shifter video about the Power of Words and how we shift what we believe about ourselves and how we can speak these words externally.
  • Free live webinar about mindset shifting during the program.
  • Dr. Amanda will host a live webinar during the program about how to shift mindset in using additional powerful 5 step tools to change the way you think. Modeling of the technique will occur and opportunities to practice this will occur.

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