Want better sleep? Gain Five Simple Tips to Support A Great Night of Rest.

A good night of sleep includes approximately 8-9 hours for adults.

What happens when we do not sleep through the night?

The REM cycle of our brain does not get the deep sleep necessary to release emotions, stress, and allow the body to fully relax the central nervous system.

What are some simple tips to help with sleep?

  1. Cherry Juice- Organic cherry juice is one way to support rest and relaxation to the body before bedtime. It can be as simple as 2 tablespoons of cherry juice.

2. Use simple stretches such as lying down and putting legs up on the wall to do stretching and relax the stomach muscles. This also helps with digestion overnight. Be mindful of the types of stretches that are used since some stretches may keep you awake. This may differ per person.

3. Take 5 slow breaths out (count to 5) and then breathe in (count to 5) to help calm the central nervous system.

4. Write down lists to help the brain relax. A list for some people will help them feel at ease to not forget anything for the next day. However, this may not be true for everyone. This is a helpful tool for people who can list to-dos and then fall asleep.

5. Listen to instrumental or relaxing jazz music to support the transition from being awake to resting the body.

Please review this list of additional sleep-care tips for nighttime routines.


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