Getting Rid of the Pain In Your Neck Coaching Session




       What or who is the biggest pain in your neck?

Nothing come to mind?!

Fear not- there is always a root to our neck pain and stress.

Lets get you booted up for those family get-together and holiday cheers that may lead to neck distress.

In fact, this is the perfect gift for the entire family!

Imagine less stress, more cheer, and more fun and loving interactions

Look no further. Dr. Amanda Helman is here to help!

What beats the benefits of releasing stress, anxiety and pain around your neck this festive family holiday season?

Benefits include:

  1. Increase of peace when thinking about and going to meet up at family functions.
  2. Release of stress from your body, mind, and neck related to family connections.
  3. Increase confidence attending family functions without having the usual triggers.
  4. Release old thinking and beliefs and gain new thinking about family communication
  5. Increase of relaxation regardless of the uncertain family conversation topics

This is for you IF you:

  1. Get triggered by family functions and parties.
  2. Have high stress and anxiety related to family get-togethers.
  3. Begin early preparation of conversation re-framing to help reduce family stress at events.
  4. Prepare to meet with your family months in advance.

This isn’t for you if you:

  1. Have no stress or anxiety related to family chats.
  2. Do not have any triggers in your life.
  3. Your neck and shoulders feel free and relaxed from life’s stressors and cares.

Dr. Amanda Helman is offering individual sessions at half the price to get you ready for the holidays with joy and ease!

Clients who have released pain in their neck have had results in one session led to incredible results:

  1. Decrease in stress and anxiety related to family connection and conversations.
  2. Release of stress, anger, guilt, and shame about previous family events or beliefs.
  3. Release old belief patterns that kept them stuck about how to move forward in personal and family relationships.
  4. Release into new family generational money beliefs.
  5. Release old pain related to personal and family negative experiences into new freedom, joy, and love.
  6. Release of trauma memories from the back of their neck and front of their neck.
  7. Release blockers to speak without fear and  gainconfidence using their voice.

Come join Dr. Amanda in this session before it goes up due to its high demand foron $247 session (regular $497). This is a GREAT gift for the holidays for yourself, friend, or a loved one! 

Let’s have a jolly old time with the family without the drama-tis the season!

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