The Joy of Balance Challenge



Are you ready for the Joy of Balance Challenge to prepare for 2022? This year, many women have felt more anxious, stressed, and unbalanced more than ever with ongoing world changes.

Where do we get balance, peace, and wellness?

Often, prioritizing our overall wellness is not always easy. We may have children, life changes, financial stressors, new relationships, grieving losses, and so much more. It’s a full plate for our weary heart, isn’t it?

My name is Dr. Amanda Helman and I can relate. Over the years, my achievement and anxiety kept sky-rocketing and I left behind me. That’s right, I forgot how to prioritize my own wellness and balance leaving me stressed and feeling out of order.

This challenge will bring together women in a private and safe community to share what joy of wellness and balance means for each of us that leads to greater joy and peace.

We will review the following:

Day 1: Kick-Off: What Does Balance and Wellness Have to Do With It? Can you hear Tina Turner already?!?! We will identify key tips for balance and wellness. Learn practical strategies that can be applied today. Get some free resources on what this looks like to support you the most.

Day 2: Shifting and Shaking: We Got to Move It-Move-It (Getting a song in your head again?!?!)

What are the barriers that are currently preventing your balance and wellness? We will find some of the blind spots in our lives leading to less balance and more anxiety and breakthrough those old barriers.

Day 3: Get Ready, Set It, and Go! Hip-Hop Hooray (hey…see what I did there?!)

We are going to investigate our daily lifestyles and see what it looks like. The goal-setting begins once we remove the old blinders to move us ahead feeling lighter and more encouraged for the next season.

Day 4: We Didn’t Start the Fire…to Not Move Ahead

We are ignited with passion, joy, and peace with more balance and wellness today and for the year ahead. It is time to celebrate. Learn additional tools and resources, particularly ways to keep accountable for 2022.

This challenge will be held in the Confidence Building Community for Women’s Private Facebook Group. This challenge is celebration of our first year as a community.

Be well,

Dr. Amanda Helman

Author/Breakthrough Coach/Speaker

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