Cognitive Release CoachingTM Session with Dr. Amanda Helman

Are you ready to voice and plan out your goals, dreams, and visions with clarity to move ahead with confidence?

COGNITIVE RELEASE COACHINGTM and Consultation Session with Dr. Amanda Helman

A 60 Minute COGNITIVE RELEASE COACHINGTM Session with Dr. Amanda will provide clarity for any confusion in your current personal and professional goals. This 60-minute session will provide you with an outline, tools, and strategies to shift your old affect responses and release you into higher cognitive brain functioning and problem solving skills that will ignite your next steps.

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Dr. Amanda Helman specializes in education, mental health, leadership, and insight to empower you to identify and release old affect and cognitive barriers to release you into higher order thinking skills to move foreward. She has over 22 years in the field of education, leadership, and mental health experiences combined in educational, institutional, community-based, and community settings. Dr. Amanda Helman is passionate about empowering people to find their voice and value and bring forth that value into their careers, business, corporations, communities, regions, and in nations.

The COGNITIVE RELEASE COACHINGTM Session with Dr. Amanda will include:

  • One session, 60 minutes in length, with Dr. Amanda for action plan and strategy.
    • Spend time identifying all details surrounding current goals, dreams, and visions.
    • Identify mindset and action planning barriers using cognitive tools and visals to pinpoint practical solutions to move forward step by step.
  • Practical Find Your Voice One Goal Action Planning Tool and Planner
    • Use practical goal action planning tools and planner for the personal coaching session to provide a visual plan following the session.
    • Use mindset mapping strategies to identify practical solutions that can be written into a plan for the week.
  • Pinpoint mindset barriers that shift to focus on solutions to achieve goals.
    • Identify 2-3 mindset barriers and replace them with the truth about who you are and learn helpful techniques to shift thinking patterns for clarity and direction.
  • Simple steps to begin action plan mappings following the coaching session.
    • The personal coaching session is designed to help identify some potential barriers and solutions to help move ahead. Simple action planning steps will occur using visual strategies.
    • This session is a beginning strategy session. All clients get accelerated results in their personal relationship to self, others, or goals within one session. However, additional results happen when clients continue with additional coaching sessions. Clients can then choose to attend the 6 Week Find Your Voice…and Run! Program to provide further clarity and direction for one monthly action plan mapping goal framework and planning additional goals following the completion of the program.
    • The intent is to empower women, men, and families to overcome emotional mindset barriers and identify practical solutions to move forward into their personal goals, dreams, and visions. Your voice and your message matters!

Find Your Voice and Run! 1:1 Coaching

  • Value Price ($397) featured price ($280)

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